[Name] Lazarus Williams Blackwell.
Mortal: Twenty one True: One hundred sixty four.
Wealthy Entrepreneur and Artist
[Physical Description]
Lazarus is 5'9", weighing at 120lbs, with golden eyes, a pale complexion, and curly light brown hair, left uncut. His formal attire is a loose top, a pair of trousers, with a short vest over top of it, and a pair of shoes. His accessories include an Independent Clan's pendant and a narrow leather belt. The whole ensemble is coordinated in brown and gold. His informal/casual attire includes a dark grey simple shirt, crisp black trench coat, knee high laced combat boots with his hair pulled back in a ponytail.
Although his physical appearance screams 'arrogant aristocrat' Lazarus is actually quite awkward. He always arrives five minutes ahead of time and has to know everyone in the room before he is comfortable being within it. He never goes out of his way to socialize and whenever he has a speech he feels anxious and nauseous through the whole thing, a reason why his speeches barely pass thirty minutes max. He finds himself gravitating towards where he shouldn't be lurking, curious as to what goes on inside churches, what the humans might think of him. He never enjoyed the thought of instilling fear upon mortals and tries his best to befriend them. He tends to have a poor choice in friends, allowing those to come and go as they please, sometimes stealing from him other times lying to him for his wealth. He, unlike some vampire kind, earned his status as a vampire, working long and hard underneath a cruel vampire lord, before the vampire master thought he deserved the 'eternal comfort' of vampirism. He's shy when exposing his fangs as he still thinks of himself as a human..with a slight malfunction.
Demi-sexual A-romantic.


Caleb Botolf
Mortal: Seventeen True: Twenty
Figuring out how to werewolf. High school Student.
Physical Description:
Human: Caleb Botolf is 5'2" weighing at 86 lbs with messy ginger hair falling to his shoulders and large milk chocolate brown eyes. His formal attire is a nice black dress shirt, forest green tie, nice black dress pants, and his black converses. He always has on his black and neon green woven leather bracelet no matter the occasion but will pair a watch with his formal attire if necessary. His casual attire is a black long sleeve graphic t-shirt, usually with a band on it, dark black denim jeans, black converses, and an unzipped gray jacket.
Wolf: He's a tall, long limbed, chestnut colored Ethiopian Wolf with a long, bushy tail and white lesser half-mask, thin white "arrow" on the lower portion of his neck and two large white chest spots on either side of his breast connected by a thick strip of white. He has a light dusting of white on his underbelly and white covering the underside of his tail and rump. His tail is half-white with a dark russet line down the middle fanning out to a fading black tip. His wolf form stands at 3'1" Weighing a mere 20 lbs, less than an average female of his species.
Caleb is a rather shy individual, he flinches or shies away from physical contact and refuses to meet eyes with anyone unless commanded. He could ramble on for hours to himself on how unfair his studies are or how ruthless it is being a loner; most of his wolf species had banded together, but him being a late-born runt had him shunned from the small pack. He has a soft stutter that's only truly noticeable when he's nervous or scared. He tends to trip and bloody his nose a lot, so much that he isn't even phased when he tastes the blood in his own mouth, he normally shrugs it off and lets it bleed itself out as he continues his standard routine.
Asexual Pan-romantic

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