"We're not twins. Just foster brothers."

Basic Information

First Name: Tobias (Toe-Beye-ass)
Middle Name: William (Will-I-am)
Last Name: Diable-Ange (De-Ab-leh-A-ng) <Half brother of Liam Diable-Ange >
Species: Avian-Demon
Gender: Male
Age: Appearance: 25 Actual Age: 125
Sexual Preference: Bisexual leads towards men most definitely.
Themesong: Unknown

Physical Description

Skin Color A soft, "buttered toast" tan.
Eye Color A vibrant Amber color with gold hues flecked around the pupil.
Hair Style Medium Length, Spiked up and gliding towards the back of his head, similar to a Blue Jay's .
Hair Color Hazel/Chestnut colored, not dark but not light either.
Wing Style/Color Pitch Black feathery wings with golden "veins" etched between the soft feathers along the rim/finger of the wings that sometimes glow when he's angry/frightened.
Piercings Solid black Lip ring/Piercing on the right side of his mouth, tends to play with it when nervous or aroused.
Tattoos/Scars A pair of black "Tattooed" wings etched into his back where his wings disappear into his skin once they've settled.



  • Coffee Addict
  • Somewhat dorky if caught off guard.

  • Wings are a major weakness/involuntary turn on.
  • Has a problem with sticking his dick in people without permission.
  • Uses fists more than brain.
  • Hates his wings because they don't listen to him.
  • Unable to control wings/when they appear/How they move.