Name: Nikolai Volkov(First name means Flower, last means Wolf.)

Nicknames: Cole, Nickolas.

Gender: Male

Species: Lycanthrope

Breed of Wolf: Dire Wolf

Height: (Wolf): 5'0" (Human): 6'11"

Weight: (Wolf): 110 lbs. (Human): 120 lbs.

Age: Mortal: 24 True: 122

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Group: The Pack of Ghostly Howls

Rank: Alpha

Theme: Asshole - Ronnie Radke ft. Andy Biersack


Physical Description:


Tall, pale guy with really dark brown hair and amber eyes. He's practically perfect in every way and knows it well. He wears either black or white, and sometimes a mix of both. He always wears his crescent moon pendant.


A large(5 feet in height at least and 110 lbs), black Dire Wolf with dark grey legs, muzzle, and underbelly. He has surprisingly soft fur, but his fangs are large and sharp. He has intimidating amber eyes with orange crack-like markings streaking out from his pupil to the edge of the iris. His tail is mostly black, but the underside is grey and the tail tip is dark brown. The underside and the area around his nose are a dark grey, and he has dark grey markings swirling around symmetrically on his face. The fur around that grey is black, as is his nose.


Cole's a sadistic egotistical to most. He's evil, cunning, and strong, and knows it well. He uses his strength and power to force those below(and sometimes even above) him into submission. His few friends double as bodyguards, and he makes sure that they're as bloodthirsty as him.

On the inside, he's a broken teenager who was abandoned by his family and lover. He tried once to get over it, but he just couldn't. He takes his anger out on those around him, and makes them feel the misery he feels every second of his life. What he really wants is something to help him get over his loss.


Family: Classified

Friends: None

Neutral: Austin, Caleb, Ventur

Enemies: Everyone else.

Mate: Rachel Racque

Offspring: Alexandria and Xavier Volkov


Gonna do a summary, because I don't want to type all this out on a phone..

Cole lived with his family until he was 116, and then they abandoned him. Before that, he was what you would call a nerd. He was skinny, tall, too intelligent for most, and had no muscle. His dad had to pay a girl named Jessica 50 bucks a month to date him. One day, his family couldn't take him anymore, for he was ruining their image, and dumped him on a curb somewhere in the city of Missoula. That's when the pack found him. They dragged him into their society, and taught him everything they could about fighting, hunting, insulting, and terrorizing others. He built up muscle, learned how to shut up the daily facts, and rose to the top by proving his skill in tournaments. At age 119, he became the second Alpha, and vowed to rule with an iron fist for as long as he shall live.