Skin Tone: Pale white.

Eye Colour: His right eye is a deep crimson tone while the other is a light gray.

Hair Style/Colour: He has semi-long hair, half of his hair is black while the other half is blonde, same happens with the lower part of his hair, but the colours are switched.

Piercings: Three black ring helix piercings, a black eyebrow piercing, a silver tongue piercing and silver collar bone piercings.

Extra: He likes to wear black bobby pins on his hair, most of the times he wears black nailpolish, a couple of rings and bracelets, he also wears military identification plates and carries with him a white mask with the features of a traditional kitsune mask.


He's pretty much a sadist, he hates most of the creatures that he finds in his way; mainly demons, his parents and sister were killed by one, causing Korbin to hold a grudge against them.

He is childish most of the time, humming and singing nursery rhymes, he believes that killing is a way of freeing the soul and making others happy.


-Likes the Japanese culture, resulting in him having multiple katanas, a pair of yukatas and a white kitsune mask.

-Enjoys torturing.

-Brother of Licht.

-Likes going to clubs and drinking.

-Hates demons and other creatures.

-Has a love-hate relationship with his brother.

-He exiled himself from heaven, killing other angels and tearing off their wings.

-Likes to 'mark' his victims, carving a particular mark on them.