Jason is a tall Nephilim with dyed bluish-purple hair and startling blue eyes. His real hair is a dark brown color. His skin tone is kind of a light olive. He has a few freckles dotting his nose and arms. His marks mainly consist of healing and protection runes, and they cover his chest, back, arms, and neck. He usually wears t-shirts of any color and jeans, with his black converse. He has one cartilage band piercing on his right ear



"Secrets" By Mary Lambert Jay's Theme.

from an old dare, and still wears it for fun. His birthday is December 3rd, and he's currently 16. He's exactly 6'5, and weighs 130 pounds, most of which is muscle. The rest of it is either bone, or fat from eating all that junk when he was a kid.


Jason is usually very funny, but is slightly insane at the same time. He loves to mock people, then laugh about it. He's very intelligent, but

doesn't show it off that much; he's always way too busy having fun. He's also not afraid to tell people about himself. The unfortunate thing about him is that he loves to get himself hurt, and, like most Shadowhunters, has a small desire in the back of his mind to fight until he gets killed. That's kinda why he doesn't have many friends. He doesn't care, though. At least, he acts like he doesn't care..

Jay's main talent is drawing runes. He's only been able to create a rune once, by accident. Ever since then, he's been determined to figure out how he did it, and try to do it again. He always carries his stele with him, along with two hidden blades in case he gets into trouble.


Jason was given to a human orphanage when he was two, so he only has hazy memories of his parents. From what he remembers, they didn't like him much. He stayed in that orphanage until he was five, and then an old lady adopted him. This old lady happened to be one of the rare Nephilim that lived longer than expected. She taught him everything there was to know about being a Shadowhunter, and took him to the Silent Brothers when he was 12 to get his marks, like all the other Nephilim kids did. He lived with the old lady until she passed away two years ago. He was sad, but he knew that she wouldn't want him to mourn her death. One of the many things she taught him was to always look at the bright side of things, and that's exactly what he did. Now that she was gone, he could go off on his own adventure, and meet new people to settle with! That's what he's currently doing, obviously..

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