Nightcore - Alive by Sia -MALE-

Nightcore - Alive by Sia -MALE-

Hunter Loup

Physical Description

20 years old, 6'5 ft, and about 140 Ibs with raven black hair with hazel green eyes, he has several runes tattooed into his body, very muscular with a 6 pack. He usually wears a leather jacket with whatever shoes, shirt, and jeans he can find.


Slightly arrogant, grumpy with a scowl mostly on his face or a serious look, he's pretty much the Arrow when it comes to bow and arrow and it's the only time he actually smiles, he's had a hard life as a half human half demon but to lazy to think of a story rn.

His demon side is a shape shifter demon, he can shift into any LIVING creature


His story begins when new demons were released from hell to the over world. One particular demon finding a young girl and well r*ping her. He left her pregnant. She quickly had the baby, the child was normal at first but then began talking to himself, everyday he'd wake up in a pool of blood with corpses surrounding him. Sometimes he'd disapper out of thin air and there was an animal left in his presance. The mother was sick and tired of looking for him when he disappered and helping the boy hid corpses. Beating him in anger that he was different then the other kids, because of his father.

The mother adopted a young girl in attempt that she would squeeze the demononic being out of her son. Only to fail helplessly and beat him even more. Finally she kicked the two out of her house as she learned that the girl was abnormal as well. She was a shapeshifter. Both lived together like brother and sister in the woods. Hunter attempted suicide and cut himself in the process of his life because he was so angry he was a demon. Amberley stopped him everytime. Finally one day he succeded in making his demon locked inside him for quiet a long time. In middle school a bully named Liam making him his sex toy. Leading him to run away and move to another city where he currently lives.