Nightcore - iNSaNiTY

Nightcore - iNSaNiTY


A relatively short black haired male with a cold, pale blue eye. His other has a patch of leather stitched onto it, removing any hopes of seeing from that eye. His visible eye is almost always bloodshot with a dark ring of purple surrounding it, having the habit of avoiding sleep until he practically passes out. He wears a cloth around the lower half of his face, straps keeping it in place during the day. He wears a black zip-up hoodie and grey skinny jeans, although it is a bit difficult to tell what colors he is wearing due to the excessive blood. He has a few ear piercings, and a set of dermal piercings along the left edge of his v-line.


Nothing about Empyr is simple. Not even the mask he puts up when around others. He is forgetful of promises and goes on a murderous spree every three to four days, which feeds the insanity normally locked within his mind. He uses a series of shadow manipulative abilities to completely obliterate his opponents and victims, using them in numerous ways, like a long arm or tail, a sword, a knife, and even a hammer. He also uses it to travel the city, and has a healing factor that he doesn't normally need, dispatching his victims with little trouble. When he isn't out on the prowl, he hides out in an abandoned theatre on the old, abandoned side of town that few people ever travel through, and those that do often don't come back.


He didn't really have a safe place as a kid. He was constantly moving from home to home in foster care, most of his foster parents not caring the slightest if he was happy where he was, or if he was even well-fed. Once he hit 17, he snapped, unleashing the unbridled rage that he had accumulated over the years, his powers for the first time coming into play as he brutally tore apart their bodies, leaving the scene before the cops arrived and steadily increasing his power as he took his place in the slums.