Purity Ring - Fineshrine

Purity Ring - Fineshrine


A small boyish warlock with distinctively deer-like features, including sloping ears and a small pair of antlers. He wears glasses, and has large, chocolaty brown eyes. He is short, being only 5'3", and weighs 90 pounds on the dot.


He is sweet and caring, not harboring any resentment to other downworlders or Shadowhunters. He enjoys gaming and saturday morning cartoons. He tries to be friendly with everyone, and when he sees they aren't reacting the same way to him he distances himself from the person unless he is really attached. He ddevelops crushes easily, and tends to be near the person as much as he possibly can. He never blatantly tells them he likes them, instead showing it through his actions. He specializes in healing and nature magic, although he has been known to have the ability to summon High Demons.


Loves coffee.