First: Archeus
Middle: Inevergavemyselfone
Last: Heinrich
Nicknames: Archie

Physical Information

Height: 5'10".
Weight: 135lbs.
Age (Human): 18 years.
Actual age: 1,507 years.
Hair color: dark ginger.
Hair style: semi-wavy, messy, jaw-length.
Piercings: nope.
Tattoos: multiple ruin bands on his left arm, connected by 'branches' leading to a large demon protection circle on the back of his hand. Large rowan tree tattoo on his right pectoral, 'ropes' along his right arm coming out of the rowan tree winding down his arm to a tattoo of three ravens. Has a Celtic cross tattoo on the palm of his left hand.
Beauty marks: Freckles. Branded with a Triskelion in the middle of his stomach
eye color: bright emerald.

Normal attire: Jeans, semi-tight fitting shirt, iron 'trinket' necklace
Formal attire: Tie, nice dark green dress shirt, black pants, black boots, with a clean black suit jacket
Occupation: eternally mistaken for a Highschooler and unable to drink *sob*