Ann is all around kind, she loves everyone and everything, the only thing that makes her sad is when people or animals die, when friends are hurt, and thunder. She's also innocent in the mind still so Zoran, Zarius, Azazel, and Ariana can help her lose that. Ann is surprisingly smart though, she doesn't act like it be she has aced all of the reaper tests and was ranked one of the stronger ones.


Ann is 5'4 weighing 110 pounds, she has long brown hair that seeps down her back and often wears black, white or red. She also has pale skin along with green eyes. She often wears skirts and jackets and always carries her scythe around, just in case she needs to whip some ass.She also has a large laceration on her stomach from Eric, yet she still wishes he had a change of heart and never felt as if he was the enemy.


Ann was born into this world as a Grim reaper, she didn't know who her parents were and she learned how to do most of the things she does now by herself. She enrolled early into a reaper school, she was 13 at this time and was assigned one hell of an annoying partner, she was 15 and only cared for herself, Ann had to do all of the work and when she passed she decided to go live in the mortal world so she didn't have to continuously go from the reaper world to the mortal world.
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